you're not good at everything.

Girls, I want to tell you something. And I want you to listen very closely, okay? This is important.

You are not good at everything.

Did that sound mean? A little? Maybe, but it's an important lesson that I think you both need to learn now, at this age. You see, you are really, really good at some things. Like - your cartwheels are amazing! You're great at drawing mermaids. You're both such good readers. You're really good at puzzles and gymnastics and baking with Mommy. That is all super fun stuff and you're really, really good at it. And when you do that stuff and you do really good at it, Mommy and Daddy give you lots of attention and praise, and tell you how awesome you are, right?

Here's the problem with that. When you're really good at things, you start to think that you should be really good at ALL the things. Then one day you try something new, and maybe you're not good at it. Maybe you're even bad at it. Maybe you don't get praise or attention for doing it. Then what happens? You get frustrated, right? You get mad or sad. You think there's something wrong with you because you are not good at this new thing, so you quit.

You see, that's not how it's supposed to be. We are not supposed to be good at all the things. We should try lots of different things, and when we try something new, we should remember that we might be bad at it for a while. We might be really bad, but if we love it we will keep practicing and keep trying. Then, after a while, we might get a little better. Then a little better. Then one day we might be really, really good at the thing that we were once really bad at.

Mommy and Daddy are proud of you girls. We're proud when you do well, but we are even more proud when you fail and you get right back up and try again. And we are the most proud when you do that and you have a good attitude about it! We will always support you, always encourage you and always help you the best we can, but you have to decide whether you're going to keep trying or give up, and whether you're going to have a good attitude or a poor one.

I trust you both to choose well.

- conversations from the carline

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