sometimes when they're sleeping...

Sometimes, when they are sleeping, I just want to wake them up and say "I'm sorry, baby, for all the ways I failed you today."

I know I'm a good mom. I know that, generally speaking, I am killing it at this mom thing. But I am So. Freaking. Human. Sometimes I yell. I roll my eyes. I rush them when they are dragging. I give in when I should stand firm. Or I refuse to budge when really I should just let them win. I lose track on a daily basis of all the ways I am totally and completely screwing up.

Here's the good news - the best news. Love covers a multitude of sins. Not to say I shouldn't try every day to bring my "A" game, or that I should not work to be a better parent, or a better human. I should and I do. But when I fail, as I inevitably do - every single day - I try to remember that my love covers them, and me, in a blanket of grace.

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