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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Do you even Enneagram? Episode 3

One more thing before we dive into the 9 types and go through them one by one, and that is the wings and the arrows. One of the things that I love about the Enneagram is that it doesn't take your information and use it to sort you into a little box and keep you there. Each of us embodies all 9 character types, at least to some degree. The most prevalent personality traits will tell us our main personality type, but we also take on the characteristics of the types around and across from us. These are called our wings and our arrows.

enneagram wings arrows
Wings on either side of your number, arrows point toward or away.

Your Enneagram wing number is going to be one of the numbers directly adjacent to your primary number on the Enneagram circle. For instance, if you are an Enneagram type 9, you will have either a 1 wing or an 8 wing. That means that you draw certain additional characteristics from either the Perfectionist at 1 or the Challenger at 8. If your primary type is a 1, then you would have either a 9 wing or a 2 wing. And so on.

The arrows point toward or away from your main type on the Enneagram, and they represent the characteristics that your personality type tends to take on either in integration (when you are high-functioning and life is going well) or disintegration (times of stress). The 9 moves toward the 6 in disintegration, and toward the 3 in integration. We will get more into the specifics of that when we start covering the types. For now, just remember that we are not just a number on a circle - we are each and every one of us complex, layered and beautifully interwoven with each of the 9 types, and as we learn and grow, we will begin to assimilate the best qualities of each of the nine into our lives.

If you're just now joining me for "do you even enneagram?" make sure to go back and start at episode 1, "What Even IS the Enneagram?" here. I'll be back soon to start the discussion on the 9 types and their wings and arrows, so stay tuned!

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