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Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Once upon a time, I was a storyteller. A poet. A writer.

I didn't try to write. I didn't plan to write. I just sat down with a pen and paper and the words flowed. Entire worlds spilled out of my brain and onto the page, and I could see them as clearly as if I were standing right there in the midst of all the action.

Now I am a grown up. There are lots of awesome things about being a grown up. Coffee. Wine. Amazon Prime.

(I'm sure there's more...I'll get back to you.)

The down side, is, of course, that adulting is hard. Somewhere in the midst of all the grown up responsibilities, the creative in me nearly suffocated under a pile of dirty laundry. Life was happy, busy, full...but there was something missing. Something that every artist needs in order to create.


Kids watching ocean

You remember wonder? That child-like awe when a sparkly rock became a fabulous gemstone in your hand? Or a pair of dragonflies transformed into magical fairies from a faraway land?

Wonder. Magic. Mystery.

I miss those things.

These days the "wonder" in my life is limited to "I wonder why I walked into this room?" My most magical moments are when all of the socks come out of the dryer with their mates. My greatest mystery - the identity of the elusive "Not Me," who keeps leaving piles of toys and dirty laundry strewn about the house.

I’m done with that. Well, kind of. I mean, I’ll always rejoice when I get through a load of laundry without a single sock being sucked into the black hole at the back of my dryer. And I doubt I’ll ever know beyond a shadow of a doubt why the heck I just walked into this room.

But I have chosen to start creating space in my life, every day, for real, true WONDER. Joy. Laughter. Expression. Creativity.

It's not always easy. Some nights the words won't come. Some nights I hit the delete button more than any other on my keyboard. Some nights I'm just tired, and I have to get some sleep because #selfcare. Some nights I have to pay the bills. Still, there must be a space every day that belongs just to the creative me.

That is just a little of the reasoning behind The Lavender Flamingo. The creative part of my brain needed an outlet and a space to work. My social nature needed connection and collaboration. The organized and efficient part of my brain needed a way to keep it all orderly and in one place. Hence, The Lavender Flamingo was born.

If any of that makes sense to you - come on in, friends.

You belong here.

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